Exult is a leadership development program that uses the Bible to build men into loving servant leaders.

God-centered Leadership Development Program

Purpose: Developing Godly Leaders

Exult offers local churches a gateway into the pre-eminent Bible experience to strengthen and grow the church with committed, biblical, fruitful, and joyful disciple-making disciples of Jesus. This program of leadership enrichment was developed to uncover and develop leadership in Christ's church. For every 1 godly leader in our churches today, we need to produce 3-5 to take his place. In building Christians at such a rate, we must not shortcut the building of people, but rather, grow even stronger leaders for tomorrow. It is our conviction that leaders who experience God, love people, and hold fast to God’s Word will not only know how to lead in the future but also desire to do so, even if it requires sacrifice.

Process: Unique Exult Format

Participants in an exult group quickly realize it is fundamentally different than any Bible Study they’ve ever participated in. The curriculum is relatively straightforward—it guides you in spending focused, regular time marking, memorizing, and laboring in God’s Word. Discussion questions drive you to careful observation of and meditation upon what God is saying and how it applies to you today, and commentaries and supplemental readings help provide additional context and insight. Trained facilitators are integral, as they foster brotherhood and a grace-centered culture, refrain from teaching, and ensure discussions remain on track and word-centered.

Participants: Exult is for You!

Exult is designed simply to teach the basics of reading and interpreting the Bible, and to engender a love for it. The Bible is the primary means by which God has revealed Himself specifically to us today, and He will reveal Himself to anyone who earnestly seeks Him through His Word, no matter your background. You can experience Jesus in a new way as God reveals truth directly to you and speaks through you to others in your group. So then, prepare yourself for this adventure, knowing that if you give yourself over to this fully, you will experience God and learn to love people and hold fast to His Word. He will make you into a godly Christian leader! Enjoy the ride.

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Ryan Frazier / Mission Church San Antonio

"As a pastor, I've struggled with balancing time equipping leaders in the Scriptures and providing practical leadership training -- eXult combines both well. We're using eXult to raise up elders and deacons. Thank you for making this available to churches."


1 Corinthians
Leadership Development 101

Prepare to experience God in a new way and learn basic fundamentals of handling God’s Word

Part 1 - Chapters 1-10 (13 weeks)
Part 2 - Chapters 11-16 (10 weeks)

Sample Weekly Activities & Questions

Leadership Development 201

Allow God to mold you even further into a godly leader and develop advanced exegetical skills.

Part 1 – Chapters 1-8 (forthcoming)
Part 2 – Chapters 9-16 (forthcoming)

Sample Weekly Activities & Questions
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